9 Facts About Weight and Eating Disorders (AED)

9 Realidades Acerca del Peso y los Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria (TCA)

In recent days the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) published the “9 Facts About Weight and Eating Disorders (AED).” This document is intended to disseminate information that helps eradicate stereotypes and educate professionals and the general public about eating disorders and the myths surrounding these diseases.Previously it was thought that only patients at extremely low weights were at risk of fatal medical complications, recent research shows us that this risk extends to all ranges of weight and body figure, since these complications respond to factors that do not depend only low weight. However, it is frequent that in patients considered normal or high weights, medical attention is deferred. In the same way that the previous document (“9 Realities About Eating Disorders”) is being translated into different languages ​​to be disseminated worldwide.We share the spanish version of this document with you, in the following days we will detail the content and support deepening in the dissemination of accurate information on eating disorders and addressing issues related to weight stigma.

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