Comenzar de Nuevo

We are a non-profit institution whose main purposes are the education, prevention and treatment of eating disorders such as: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other eating disorders, as well as all related diseases.


Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Consultation
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Residential Program
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atencion a pacientes comenzar de nuevo
Care for the Acute Patient
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programa de reforzamiento
Program of Reinforcement
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Partial or Day Hospital
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House of Half way
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Comenzar de Nuevo
Chronic Patient Care
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Body Image Program (BIP)
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Comfortable and modern. Located on a 6000m² plot at the foot of the Sierra Madre. We are located just 20 minutes from the urban area of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. With easy access to shopping malls, hotels, entertainment areas and restaurants less than five minutes away.
We have a complete team of physical and mental health professionals, including specialists in: medicine, psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, nutrition, nursing, occupational therapy, physical activity and education, all of them trained in residential and health management. mental.

After this that you have explained to me, now everything makes sense … Sometimes I thought I was crazy.

Recovered mom and patient

My son and I had an eating disorder and we both got ahead. Thanks to the work of the Health Professionals of Starting Over, through their successful multidisciplinary work.


I am very inspired by what doctors do, I want someday to be able to inspire someone like Doctor Eva did with me. Now I am a witness that it can be done and now I can help others.

Patient's Mom
Santiago de Chile

Now I know it is possible, you saved my daughter.

Today, it is in your hands to help save a life.

Hope Information

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